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National E-Properties is an established real estate solutions company based out of Chicago, IL. We are a multi-service Real Estate Investing Company that has the ability to buy, sell, lease and wholesale properties quickly and easily.

National E-Properties buys all types of real estate including: Single family homes,  townhouses, condos, apartments and even vacant land! Let National E-Properties make a quick and easy cash offer for your property today!

We Buy Properties For Cash

  • Need to Sell your property? We pay cash!
  • Are You Moving or Relocating? We can close within 7 days if necessary!
  • Is Your Property Vacant or In Need of Repairs? No problem! There is no job too big!
  • Are You Behind on Payments? Slow pay is our specialty!        

We Sell Properties at a huge discount off of the retail price or After Repair Value

We Are Always on the Lookout for Savvy Investors Who are Looking to Let Their Money Work for Them

National E-Properties LLC

1 E. Erie St
Suite 525
Unit #2066
Chicago, IL 60611

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